District Obersendling

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  • Year: since 2022
  • Category: New construction, Neighborhood development
  • Use: Other use, Business
  • State: Unrealized
  • Construction: Massive
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    Gross Floor Area
    ca 6.000m²

    Salvis Consulting AG

The Obersendling district represents an innovative urban development with diverse uses such as a market hall, retail, event space and cultural center. The design integrates the neighborhood concept into the building, expands the public space and creates a lively, urban stage.

Central point of Attraction

By implementing the development plan, the building will be staggered from the forecourt to the rear area. The tower will be reinterpreted and continued as a central point of attraction in terms of urban development. The mix of uses creates an urban and trendsetting district.

Mixed-Use Concept

The building houses a market hall, retail, cultural center and event space. Flexible configurations on the first floor and a continuous central circulation system create urban synergies.

Pioneering Aspirations

The façades are designed in layered exposed concrete as a reminiscence of the former concrete factory and transparent glass façades. The integration of urban farming along the façade thematizes sustainability and signals the pioneering aspirations of the building.

Sustainable and Economical Design

The use of recycled concrete and the recycling of resources support the aspects of sustainability. The solid construction of the building enables column-free use and large roof landscapes.


Green roof areas with retention roofs improve the local microclimate, reduce the amount of sealed surfaces and promote biodiversity. The idea of the eatable city emphasizes fruit trees and retreats for insects and birds.

Sustainable Energy Supply

The energy supply uses district heating for peak loads, groundwater heat pumps and rainwater. Free façade ventilation ensures ventilation, while photovoltaic generation on the roof edge surfaces relies on renewable energy. The tower supports natural ventilation through the chimney effect.

The holistic planning of the Obersendling district creates an urban space that meets the needs of the future while preserving traditions.