The world's Mega-challenges underscore the necessity for adopting sustainable thinking and actions. This demands a holistic approach that integrates ecological, social, and economic dimensions to establish sustainable practices in our daily lives.

We are shaping our future! It necessitates a collective effort, embracing a diversity of skills from engineers and architects to researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and society at large. We leverage this diversity of perspectives, aligning them with people's needs to craft a contemporary, lively, and urban quality.

With over 20 years of experience, Oliv has honed expertise in refurbishing existing buildings, developing new structures, and revitalizing neighborhoods. We share this knowledge within a network of partners, all committed to using architecture as a vehicle for realizing a visionary future and addressing substantial challenges.

Achieving this goal requires numerous individual steps, converging to propel us forward in a unified leap.


Architecture in Process

We generate value for both the city and society, creating a product that caters to users, investors, and developers.

Design extends beyond mere appearance; it grapples with questions like "How will we live and work in the future? How does society operate? What are the specific needs of the area?"

We integrate this network of requirements into a unique solution, transforming it into architecture.


Shaping Responsibility

Sustainable architecture ensures the ecological foundation while balancing social and economic interests to enhance long-term quality of life. With over two-thirds of the population projected to reside in cities by 2050, we're entrenched in an era of urbanization.

These urban areas currently consume approximately 80 percent of global energy and resources. It's imperative to reconsider city planning, strategizing on how we reshape these living spaces.

It's our duty to responsibly use resources, reduce their demand, and consumption while safeguarding their availability for the future. This commitment minimizes the ecological footprint of our buildings.


Values for Society

Each new situation calls for appropriate architecture: unpretentious, purposeful, shaping our culture. It stands as a visible outcome, fostering social values like identity and attachment to a place.

This embodies the essence of our architecture.


Customized Engeneering

Architecture needs the right technologies to intelligently implement a creative design. In addition to proven techniques, new technologies are emerging that will shape the design of our architecture in the future.

The diversity of engineering disciplines makes the building a comprehensive system, turning its facade into a high-tech element and transforming the construction into something exceptional. In doing so, they shape and define the building's identity.


Urban Landscape

In high-density urban areas, we craft living spaces that reclaim open areas for both nature and people, addressing a critical need. Urban environments currently contribute to 75 percent of global CO2 emissions, posing significant challenges that demand our attention.

We offer intelligent and bold solutions to the pressing questions emerging from the integration of urban and natural spaces.