Department Store Beck

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  • Year: since 2015 – 2018
  • Category: Revitalization
  • Use: Trade, Business, Office
  • State: Completed
  • Construction: Steel
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    LP 1 - 4 

    Fürstenriederstraße 21

    Gross Floor Area
    ca. 8.000 m² 

    Fürstenrieder 21 Projektgesellschaft mbH

After 25 years of vacancy of the former department store Beck in Laim, we conceive the revitalization of the building and transform it into a mixed use a mixed use of retail and office.

Through the closing of two gaps and the gable connection with the neighboring buildings, the Fürstenrieder Strasse will be upgraded in terms of urban development. The appearance of the building changes from a post-war structure to a modern architecture with shimmering metal accents.

A supermarket will move into the ground and second floors and the addition of a terrace floor will create space for offices. Green roof areas, high-quality materials and an atrium create an unobtrusive and timeless design that blends seamlessly into the established surroundings.