Westend Yards

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  • Year: since 2016 – 2022
  • Category: Interior Design, Revitalization
  • Use: Office
  • State: Completed
  • Construction: Massive
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    Concept for repositioning
    Redesign of foyer and entrance area
    Tenant development LP 1–8


    Gross Floor Area
    ca. 45.000 m² 

    PGIM Real Estate Germany AG

Westend Yards is a six-story office building in Munich's Westend district, an important office location with excellent transport infrastructure. The striking office building from 1991 on Munich's Hansastrasse was getting on in years. In order to avoid an energy-intensive demolition and new construction, the dominant geometry of the building was to be used and further developed as an identity-creating feature.

Extended Building Permit

In a feasibility study, the possibility of an intelligent redensification and extension of the existing building was investigated. With the involvement of all specialist departments such as building law experts, planning authorities, nature conservation authorities and landscape architects, it was possible to obtain an extended building permit. Following a positive preliminary building permit, the total rental area of 31,000 m² can be increased by a further 14,000 m² gross floor area!


A concept for the revitalization and repositioning of the property was developed in parallel to the building law feasibility study. The restructuring and expansion of the space for a major anchor tenant, as well as the redesign of the entrance situation and the foyer, will ensure the attractiveness of the property for many years to come.