Topping-out ceremony in Munich's Mozartstrasse


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An important milestone has been reached with the completion of the shell construction work. Together with Georg Randlkofer, Johannes Jasper, MRICS, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Renner, Oliv Architekten and Thomas Sutor and Igor Brncic are celebrating the successful progress of the new building project.

Centrally located on Goetheplatz, a new office building is being constructed in compliance with the preservation order.

The design follows the cubature of the existing building from the 1950s and thus closes the block. The façade picks up on the elements of the surrounding Wilhelminian-style buildings and transfers them to the present day.

The office building is thus integrated into the overall appearance of the surrounding buildings of the characteristic Wiesnen ensemble. The main focus is on the use of classic architectural elements and their craftsmanship.

A contemporary building that consciously resists the design trends of modern times and knows how to set classic accents.

We would like to thank GHR GmbH & Co. Immobilien KG, Storchen Immobilien Management GmbH and Michael Renner Bauunternehmung GmbH as well as all others involved for the excellent cooperation!